Space Ride!

by Sleepy 5 Orchestra



My tribute to the 90s and growing through the emotional perils of opposite-sex interaction.

Transferred to 1/4 inch tape for that cassette feel. Were you around for cassettes? Did you ever post up with your boombox tuned to 107.7 K-NACK, waiting for that new single to play so you could bootleg it? It was back when burning your own cd was unheard of. iPod? There weren't even mp3s then! Gasp.

These songs aren't uber-polished. I wanted them to sound rough and sloppy, like those garage demos you may have cranked out after you got your first Peavey guitar and Portastudio. It was more fun to make them that way.

Written years and years ago, but never properly recorded, they are personal favorites I strum to myself when noodling around.

Long live alt-rock and b-sides.

Many thanks to:

Kazki Watanabe for production assistance and playing drums on 'for Margaret'.

Luke Hensleigh let me record 'for Margaret' at Raw Dog Studio.


released August 19, 2011



all rights reserved


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Track Name: hey, Princess
I left you there with a kiss, feeling so adored
The taste of you left on my lips makes me long for more

Do you think that you'd come over if I begged you to?
I know I'm not the one you want, I just figured tonight I'd do

Not asking for forever
Not asking just to screw you
I know that I'd feel better if I could spend some time away from all of this lonely
I will shed my pride, cuz I'm sick and tired of playing cool, baby
When I only want to be with you
Track Name: Xiomara
You would make me happy if you'd only do one thing
Stop spinning around my mind while I'm trying to sleep
I get washed over in oceans of crush when you speak to me
Your cup is looking full, and I would love a drink

Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow

I want you so much that I wrote you this song
and I need you so bad even though it is wrong
and I know that I'm scared just to touch you because
in my heart there's a sparkle of something called love
and I fight it and fight it and push it away
but it kills me inside that you don't feel the same
I know in the end I won't get what I'm after
and even if I did it would in disaster, love

You would make me happy if you'd only do one thing
Stop spinning around my mind while I'm trying to sleep
I get washed over and sometimes it feels I can hardly breathe
It's too bad you and I were never meant to be

Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow
Track Name: for Margaret
What could have been has faded into what never was
Broke a promise to do my best to keep in touch
Circumstance has left us jaded with some regret
But the friendship we once shared, I'll never forget